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Are you a woman that feels overwhelmed with her life and her ongoing to-do list?  Do you have multiple kids schedules to deal with, extracurriculars, appointments, play dates and more? Are you an entrepreneur trying to run and organize a business schedule? Are you a student getting ready to go back to school? Are you a business woman who has to structure her day’s around appointments?

If you said YES to any of these questions then the 2019 PRINTABLE DAILY LIFE PLANNER is for you!

This cute, colorful and functional printable planner comes in 4 sizes for every woman’s needs.  You like a full binder? Then the 8.5 X 11 size is for you.  How about a happy planner? 7 x 9.25 is the right fit.  Something smaller but big enough to fit all your life in? 5.5 x 8.5 is for you.  You keep your planner in your purse all the time for on the go? 3.7 x 6.7 is going to be perfect!

There are 3 great features of this 2019 printable planner that make this the best option for busy creative women.  You can chose from 8 different cover styles to suit your taste, there are 7 different calendar styles to mix and match for your needs, and there are 8 planner add-on sections included in the 2019 printable daily life planner. Learn more about the key features and benefits of this versatile planner below.

lifebyalicia.com | 2019 Printable Daily Life Planner

When it comes to printable there are various benefits to choosing this over a pre-printed planner.

Benefit #1: Your calendar is customizable.

With over 900 pages included in the 2019 printable daily life planner you get to choose what you include and what you leave out.  There are 7 styles of calendar pages click here to see them all  monthly, weekly boxed category, weekly boxed days, weekly boxed family, weekly flex, weekly timed and year in review.  You get to choose what style works best for you and your life.  Every type of woman can find a calendar style that works in the Printable Daily Life Planner. Stay at home mom’s, working mom’s, entrepreneurs, business woman, students and more!

Benefit #2: You get add-on sections

On top of the typical calendar pages that come in a pre-printed planner you also get 8 add-on sections to pick and choose from.

Each section comes with multiple pages that can help you organize all areas of your life.  When you purchase a standard planner you typically ONLY get calendars and add-ons are separate or are not available at all.  This differentiates the 2019 Printable Daily Life Planner from the standard pre-printed planner.

Benefit #3: Custom size and paper options

You can chose from 4 size options to suit your own personal planner size and style.

You can pick what type and style of paper you want to print you planner on (click here for suggestion FAQ)

It is cost efficient since you get to pick and choose what kind of supplies you use and how many pages you want to include in the 2019 Printable Daily Life Planner.

Benefit #4: You can print the pages as many times as you want

This is a HUGE benefit for those of us that need multiple planners in our lives.  For instance maybe your a mom that runs a side hustle and needs a planner for home/family stuff and then another for business things.  You can print different styles of calendars for each planner and add in only the pages you need.  For instance your business planner may only include the monthly and weekly timed version of the calendars, the financial section and maybe some sheets from the ideas section for brainstorming and flow chart making. However your home/family binder may include only the monthly calendar and then all the add on sections.  You get to choose and get to print as many pages as you need so you never run out!

There are so many variations to how you can use the 2019 Printable Daily Life Planner, how you assemble it and how many planners or versions you need!

Benefit #5: Value

When it comes to other printable planners online you may find ones that are free or comparable but nothing is as comprehensive as the 2019 printable daily life planner.  It has sections for most life areas, is fully color co-ordinated in a subtle way so that it is not overwhelming or uses too much ink when printing, it has so many pages to choose from.

The value that you get from this planner is HUGE! For only $17.00 USD you have access to over 900 pages of quality designed organizational pages that will have you organizing your life like never before.  If you break that down you get 52 pages per dollar that you spend! Now that is a steal.

She turned her can’ts into cans and her dreams into plans.

When I first got into planning I felt like nothing was ever quite what I wanted.  I found other printable planners too colorful, or not comprehensive enough, or that it didn’t have the right options.  I hope that through making this 2019 printable daily life planner I have hit the nail on the head and I am offering you something that will give you ultimate planner peace.

If you think that there are fundamental pages missing from this planer I would LOVE to know what you think they are! Let me know in the comments below.



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