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Well Hello people of the internet!

Just wanted to pop on here quick and tell you all about the 2018-2019 DAILY LIFE PLANNER that I have up in my Etsy shop.

If your a planner nerd like me then you will love all the add-ons that are included in this amazing bundle.

Not only do you get an 18 month pre-dated planner but it comes in 5 styles so you can pick and choose what you want to print that will work best for your life.

Let me show you….

First thing is your standard monthly Calendar. Perfect for seeing you life/business at a glance.  I use this layout the most I like to see it all quick and easy.  I try to use different coloured pens for each person in our household to colour coordinate appointments, to do’s, occasions and more

Next is the WEEKLY BOXED DAYS layout. This is also my favorite of the five layouts and the one I use the most. If you’re like me and enjoy having a scrapbook style planner for you weekly layouts this is the planner page for you.  I can easily doodle in all my appointments and to do’s and still have room to make it cute and fun with washi tape, stickers, and more.

The next option is the WEEKLY BOXED CATEGORY layout.  This I designed with the busy woman in mind. Someone who has lots of areas in her life that need to be tracked and organized separately. Each line on the left gives you an area to categorize things, for example, you could have work, home, kids, exercise, random to do’s, volunteer and more.  There are lots of ways to use this style to fit your needs.

The next version is the WEEKLY BOXED FAMILY.  This I made with the work at home mom or the stay at home mom in mind that has kids with lots of activities in mind.  This layout will have you organized in a snap giving everyone a row of their own with separate space for family, work and meal planning.

Another popular version of my planner is the WEEKLY FLEX.  This style is perfect for someone who likes a more journal style of planning. Lots of space for writing and decorating while keeping you on track and organized.

Lastly there is the WEEKLY TIMED layout. This I made with the business woman in mind. Someone with lots of appointments and to do’s throughout the day that need to be on a tight schedule. This layout has timed slots from 6am to 11pm so that you can plan each day precisely.

With all this choice it really is your one stop shop for a customizable 2018-2019 DAILY LIFE PLANNER.

The cherry on top of this amazing bundle is that you get 70+ pages of planner add 0n’s!

  • cleaning planner
  • fitness planner
  • finance planner
  • productivity planner
  • ultimate list planner
  • shopping planner

You can check out all the pages included CLICK HERE

I’m so excited to be sharing this planner with you and hope you get organized this coming year!


Author: Alicia

Wife & Mama to a blended family of 3 boys, down to earth & easygoing. Perpetually working towards a holistic lifestyle, living my life like a spiritual gangster and all the while creating balanced chaos. Obsessed with sharing my passions in lifestyle, spiritualism, moon love, planners, wellness, body positivity, nutrition and more.

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