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The women’s NEW MOON CIRCLE is a safe space for women to connect with each other, discover emotional well-being, while  learning how they are connected to the energy of the universe. Its a way to create intentions, embrace the cyclical nature of the moon cycles and become intimate with who we are.

If this sounds like witchy-woo don’t worry it really isn’t.  Our culture isn’t exactly ripe with opportunity for women to gather and connect intimately and typically we are all out of touch with the way nature’s cycles actually impact us. If you look back in history of the world there are so many cultures that focus on following the moon and sun cycles, seasonal cycles, menstruation cycles and more!

As the facilitator of the NEW MOON CIRCLE my roots are tied to aboriginal culture but I also lean towards spiritualism, astrology, yoga philosophies and other sacred beliefs.

My circles gather once a month, on the evening of the new moon from 7-9pm.  The age range and life experience of those who attend run the gamut.Why do we gather for the New Moon?

There are four phases in every 28-days moon cycle: New Moon, Waxing Half Moon, Full Moon and Waning Half Moon. Each offers us an opportunity to connect with ourselves and our purpose — to align with our destiny.

New Moons represent beginning.  This is when the  Sun, the Moon, and Earth are in complete alignment and leave the side of the Moon that faces Earth in complete darkness.  With each New Moon it is an opportunity to plant seeds and set intentions towards our dreams, goals and wishes.  Taking ownership for our lives and what we really want to manifest.  No intention is complete without the commitment of actions, thoughts and behaviors that will get us there.  This routine adventure in looking at where we are and where we want to go gives structure to our lives and allows us to form community with like-hearted women.

Being present, taking control of you life and committing to betterment is nothing less than magic.

What happens at a New Moon Circle?

It varies, but we typically follow a specific format that includes smudging, meditation, reading curated content related to the astrological sign the current new moon is in and how that relates to our own moon sign, discussions on what resonates with us and setting intentions for the next 28 day cycle.

But don’t worry its not all serious and stuffy. It is also a space to be silly, creative, inspired, laugh and have fun.

There isn’t always space in our lives where we can openly champion other woman. We live in a culture that typically tears each other down rather than lifting each other up.  Being surrounded with women who are open to the suggestion of positivity and admiration for one another can truly be life-changing.  The more we spend time focusing on the negative in our lives the more likely we are to lose ourselves and invite more negative energy in. In contrast the more we champion one another, the more we realize that the possibilities are endless, that success begets success and that we’re in this together.

New Moon Dates for 2018

  • July 12 – Cancer
  • August 11 – Leo
  • September 9 – Virgo
  • October 8 – Libra
  • November 7 – Scorpio
  • December 7 – Sagittarius

New Moon Dates for 2019

  • January 5 – Capricorn
  • February 4 – Aquarius
  • March 6 – Pisces
  • April 5 – Aries
  • May 4 – Taurus
  • June 3 – Gemini



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