Do you find yourself in a low mood? or an elevated mood? Do you have sleep problems?

Do you suffer from anxiety or irritability that is impacting you life?

Do your lifestyle changes affect your daily routine and mood?

Do you take medications or supplements that you want to know if they are working?

Mood journaling can help you learn more about yourself and achieve better overall health.


Initially I started mood journaling because of my diagnosis with mental health issues, but after a while it became much more of an overall indication of my health and wellbeing as a whole.  I was able to link dips in mood and motivation to different things I was or was not doing in my lifestyle. It was so interesting to see the correlations between what I’m doing an how I’m feeling.

Here are my top 3 reasons for keeping a mood journal.

  1. Reduce Stress and Anxiety

    Keeping a mood journal can help you identify what’s causing you to feel stressed or anxious. Becoming clear on what your stressors are will help you figure out a workable plan to manage things, which in turn, reduces stress and anxiety.

  2. Strategize Wellness

    We’re all looking to make positive improvements that will allow us to live our best life. But how will we know if what we’re doing is actually making a difference? It can help you to find the small things, as well as the big, that help you to stay well. A mood journal can show you the impact of the positive strategies that you adopt on your well-being.

  3. Improve Happiness

    Even if you aren’t depressed or dealing with an illness, keeping track of your moods over a prolonged period of time can have a positive effect on your happiness levels. You’ll become more aware of your feelings and more specifically, the people or situations that cause them. When you know who and what lifts you up and brings you down, you’ll be in a position to make better choices in the future.

Things like a healthy diet and regular exercise play a role in your overall wellbeing, but keeping tabs on how you’re feeling can be equally beneficial for your mental, emotional and physical health. Identifying the triggers that affect your mood will make you happier, help you sleep better and allow you to show up fully in your relationships.

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