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I have been doing a lot of talking about manifesting your reality and intentions setting lately.

If you asked my 5 years ago I would have told you it it was total bullshit and that thinking your way into a perfect life was a total voodoo theory.

It was like the time I read the secret and was like “what the serious hell is this shit!?”

But as I have journeyed into this spiritual path and open myself to new ideas I am slowly but surely starting to believe there is something to this.lifebyalicia.com | what is manifestation?

Manifestation, to me, is something you bring forth into your physical life experience through thoughts, feelings, or beliefs.

Sounds witchy-woo I know but let me break it down for you.

Manifestation starts with a thought, an idea, a want in your life, some type of goal you set for yourself.  Something that needs to be changed, to be better, to have more of. Once you get clear on what that thing is its time to set an intention.

For myself I set intentions yearly around the beginning of January and then monthly at my NEW MOON CIRCLE.

If intentions sounds too new age to you, then feel free to use different language, call it planning, organizing, goal setting, its basically the same thing but with intention setting I choose to be very purposeful of my goal.

Lets say I want to have more time with my friends during the month.

My intention would be “During June I spent some evenings and weekends with my girlfriends, having fun and learning from each other. It made me so happy and my heart is full now”

I use exciting, fulfilling language and I state it as if it has already happened.

This super charges my intention sending that energy into the universe.

I believe that what we send out into the universe we get back to ourselves 10 fold.

Now once an intention is set thats when the manifesting happens.  You cant just sit back and expect the universe to deliver things up on a silver platter. You actually have to do things too!

Manifesting is the action.

Taking steps to make that intention come to fruition. Maybe I send out a text to a friend that I haven’t seen in a while or I ask someone to join me to an event.  Once you get really good at manifesting and releasing that energy maybe then friends start calling you and making plans!

I know this is a very simple example but start small.

You can truly manifest anything.  Just last month I set an intention that I wanted to buy an iPad Pro.  I had no idea how I was going to get it because I did not have the budget but I sent the wish out into the universe and let it go. Continuing on my hustle, doing my work at home and at my day job bringing in energy in the form of money.

Low and behold, I went to check my paypal the following month and there was 1000$ in there from a large order of my fabrics that I hadn’t expected.

So now here is the perspective part.

You could easily say that it was a happy coincidence that the money was in there, or some other reason that money showed up.

But I choose to believe that I manifested it. I asked for it and it came to me in an unexpected way.

Viewing the world in this way gives me power, makes me feel in control of my destiny and helps me set and keep goals and dream big dreams.

I suggest you give it a try. The worst that will happen is that your in exactly the same spot.  The best that will happen is you get what you want.

Manifestation is a buzzword with a basic purpose.

Dream big and make it happen.


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