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On Guard doTERRA Uses for Fall

One of my favorite ways to support my mental health and wellbeing is by using essential oils. I was first introduced by a friend when I was in a depressed state about 3 years ago. It was fall and the dark days where coming, my friend lent me her diffuser and some oils that I immediately fell in love with.

The introduction to this type of wellness came at a perfect time for me and I have honestly never looked back.  Essential oils help me stay grounded and balanced.  It also creates non toxic aroma that is healing and mood altering in my home and creates ritual and routine for me.  My go to oil during this transition to fall weather is the On Guard doTERRA oil blend.On Guard doTERRA | lifebyalicia.com

On Guard doTERRA is a proprietary essential oil blend that includes: Wild Orange Peel, Clove Bud, Cinnamon Leaf, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Leaf, and Rosemary Leaf/Flower essential oils.  Now if that doesn’t scream fall I don’t know what does.  When diffused this scent can help purify the air and energize and uplift mood.

How to Use On Guard doTERRA

  1. On Guard doTERRA essential oil emits a warm, spicy, and woody aroma. Diffusing doTERRA On Guard will fill the air with its sweet scent and provide an energizing and uplifting fragrance. When diffused, doTERRA On Guard essential oil can also cleanse the air. Next time you are expecting company at home, diffuse doTERRA On Guard to help purify the air and create a positive aroma.
  2. Looking for a hand cleanser that doesn’t include harmful or unnatural ingredients? Try making your own natural cleanser by using two ingredients: On Guard doTERRA and Fractionated Coconut Oil. Simply, combine a few drops of On Guard doTERRA essential oil with Fractionated Coconut Oil and rub it on your hands and fingers for a natural hand cleanser.
  3. On Guard doTERRA contains cleansing and purifying benefits that can be used to clean household surfaces. For a natural and nontoxic cleaner, add a couple drops of  On Guard doTERRA essential oil to a spray bottle filled with water and use it as an effective all-purpose surface cleaner. With its unique aroma, On Guard doTERRA offers a fragrant, natural, way to clean.

I personally have only used it in my diffuser but I really like the idea of a natural hand cleanser. This would be perfect to keep in my purse to use whenever I needed it. Like when my well hydrated self needs to pee in a grimy washroom!  I also like the idea of using it for cleaning too especially on door handles or light switches that everyone touches.  Those germs get around fast so any care about that is ideal.

On Guard doTERRA | lifebyalicia.com

Most importantly my favorite way to use oils is through diffusing, so here are a few of my favorite  diffusing recipe’s for the fall.

Clean Guard

  • 3 drops on guard
  • 3 drops lemon
  • 3 drops wild orange

Breathe Guard

  • 3 drops on guard
  • 3 drops easy air
  • 3 drops frankinscence

Sleep Guard

  • 2 drops on guard
  • 1 drop lavendar
  • 1 drop frankinscence

Mood Guard

  • 3 drops on guard
  • 4 drops wild orange
  • 3 drops grapefruit

What kinds of recipes or uses do you use On Guard doTERRA with? What is your favorite fall oil?

https://www.doterra.com/US/en/blog/spotlight-doterra-on-guard-protective-blend doTERRA Oil Chemistry Wheel | dōTERRA Essential Oils

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