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I am greasy.

Well my face is.

Oily, greasy, t-zone-errific!

It’s actually not all that fun when only a few hours after applying makeup my forehead is blinding people in the streets, causing traffic accidents, small children are staring and babies are crying.

Ok maybe my face shine isn’t quite that bad but it’s bad enough that it bothers me.

The best solution I have found to get rid of my nasty grossness reduce the shine are DIY oil blotting papers.

But the price is redunkulous! and I refuse. **stomps feet** so there!

These little packages of papers can range from $5-$10 for drugstore brands, up to $18-$30 for higher end types. Way overpriced in my opinion and WAY to much for my pocketbook but I still need to fight the shine!

What’s a lady to do??????  DIY oil blotting papers of course!!!

I made these blotting sheets with stuff I already had around my house.  But if you don’t have these supplies it would only cost a few dollars to buy them.

So here we go, get ready to fight shine like super hero’s with fuller wallets from our frugal ways!


Step 1: Get your supplies

  • scissors
  • an old powder compact cleaned out and sanitized with rubbing alcohol
  • a round cotton pad
  • tissue paper (I had some stuff laying around that I got in some presents but feel free to actually buy some new stuff haha)

Step 2: Fold up your tissue paper so that you can’t fold it no more.

Step 3: Ok maybe not until you can’t fold no more but until its the size of the cotton pad.

Step 4: Cut around the cotton pad using it as a template for your blotting papers.

Step 5: Inspect at all your lovely blotting papers making sure they are all separated.

Step 6: Place them all into your cleaned out compact and your ready to go.  Put these in your purse and use as many as you need because really they are hella cheap!

I know some of you are probably saying that these are not as good as the ones in the store…..and your most likely right.  A lot of the oil absorbing papers are made from rice paper and some have powder on them and are in a pretty container.  But for all intents and purposes I don’t give a shit.  I am using these to dab up nasty face oil and throwing them out.  So the cheaper the better.

Now let me demonstrate how these DIY oil blotting papers work….because I know that’s what your really waiting for!

So what do you think?  Will you make these? Do you already use blotting papers? Are you willing to give these a try?



  1. Daniella says:

    I happened upon your page the other day and gave this a try! I am so happy to report these work amazingly well! I field tested them and while they didn’t have me shine free, it gave me more of a radiant, moisturized glow than high-beam type blinding glow! So for me, these work! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge!


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