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Hi friends! I have totally been slacking on the DIY front for a while now.  I have been putting all my creative efforts into graphic design so there is little creativity left to be thrown around doing crafty projects around the house.  However I have been wanting to do this project for a while and have been collecting my supplies for some time!

This DIY hula hoop dreamcatcher was so much fun to make.

I used to make dreamcatchers when I was small so making this DIY hula hoop dreamcatcher just meant I had to create on a bigger scale and I really wanted something colourful and beautiful! not that traditional dreamcatchers aren’t beautiful, but I really wanted something that reflected me and also would look super cute over our bed.  Insert another reason I wanted to make this, we don’t have a headboard and I have been wanting some sort of decoration or something to define the space above our bed, and keep the scary dreams away!

Anywho, there you have it the completed DIY hula hoop dreamcatcher.  Now you may be thinking, well how did you make it!? Well I’m happy you asked!

First thing you need to do is gather your supplies, and seriously the sky is the limit here! the only real necessity you need is a hula hoop and you really need yarn or string for the webbing, mmmm and you need something to cover up the hideous hula hoop

Ok FINE maybe you need more than just a hula hoop!

lifebyalicia.com | diy hula hoop dreamcatcher

Here is what I used in no specific order:

  • small hula hoop (mine was from the dollarama)
  • various yarns
    • cotton yarn for webbing
    • different texture and colour yarn for hanging
    • neutral textured yarn for wrapping around the hula hoop
  • coloured feathers (dollarama)
  • various buttons
  • ribbon – various sizes and colours
  • pear necklace (thrift store)
  • beads
  • pieces of lace and doily runners

lifebyalicia.com | diy hula hoop dreamcatcher

You can see above that I just mixed and match all sorts of things to create colour and texture.  The biggest thing here is texture! you could make a DIY hula hoop dreamcatcher in ALL white as long as every fabric, string and item you used has different textures.  But for me I really wanted to add colour.

lifebyalicia.com | diy hula hoop dreamcatcher

Now the first thing you have to do is wrap that hula hoop.

This part kind of sucked was very tedious and felt like it took FOREVER!

One thing when picking your yarn/fabric to wrap the hula hoop in….use something thicker! OMGosh I would have threw a fit  been slightly upset if I had used something thin because it would have taken so much longer than it already did!

Next thing I did was hang all my fancy elements from the bottom of my hoop.  I cut my pearl necklace (GASP it was $2 from the thrift store relax) and tied it onto ribbon and then tied it to the hoop.  I did the same thing for the feathers (from the dollarama) and then I just eyeballed and played around with placing all the other bits and bobbles I had!

oh and speaking of those bits 90% of them where purchased at the thrift store in the craft section.  You can usually find bags of yarns and scraps of materials and lace and all sort of random goodies for super cheap.

 Back to the project now…length is important with your elements it really adds to the eye-catching nature of the DIY hula hoop dreamcatcher and gives it dramatic flair.

Here is a closer look at the elements so you can see how I tied them on and whatnots are there and such. <– technical art talk.

lifebyalicia.com | diy hula hoop dreamcatcher

Next step is to web your DIY hula hoop dreamcatcher

If you don’t know how to web a dreamcatcher google it already! Ok fine here is a link because I am way to lazy just not patient enough to explain it all!

Your lucky I stopped to take a picture in the middle of my webbing this damn thing beautiful piece of art.  Because it included me sweating, swearing and crawling around on the floor for the better part of an hour.

lifebyalicia.com | diy hula hoop dreamcatcher

And don’t forget to add in some sort of bling in your webbing design! I used vintage buttons and shell buttons that I had already in my craft stash.

I also used some beads at the end of my webbing string that I just left dangling down.

I used cotton yarn (the stuff you would use for knitting dishcloths with) because it had more grip to it then the synthetic slippery yarns so it was easier to keep in place, and the type I had was white with flecks of colour which also tied the whole DIY hula hoop dreamcatcher together I think.

And now for the close up!

lifebyalicia.com | diy hula hoop dreamcatcher

So there you have it! This is where my DIY hula hoop dreamcatcher lives, above our bed ready to catch all the bad dreams, let through the good ones, and look super stylish all at the same time!

lifebyalicia.com | diy hula hoop dreamcatcher

Hope you enjoyed this this craft project, let me know in the comments below.

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