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I have been redecorating my living room for the last while trying to get everything just so.

I used to have a wood corner shelf over my TV with a plant on it but I was hating it so I went on pinterest to find some inspiration.

And so was born my diy scrapbook paper canvas art made for under $10!

If you wanted to you could spend way more money making these with higher end supplies but me and the dollarama are tight so that’s where I went 🙂


  • canvas (I got 2 cheapie ones from dollarama $3 each)
  • black paint (I used dollarama acrylic paint)
  • scrapbook paper (I used some random stuff I had laying around but I’m positive it was from the dollarama too lol)
  • paint roller (dollarama)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • cardboard (to make a template)
  • plastic (to protect your painting surface)

STEP ONE: Paint the canvas black.

Pretty self explanatory I think…right?

I only did one coat of paint and I am such a lazy painter and wanted as little to clean up as possible I actually drizzled the paint all over the canvas and then just used the roller to move it all around.

Don’t judge my technique…it worked!

It took a few hours to dry so while your waiting you can move onto….

STEP TWO: Cut yourself a template.

I used some random cardboard and cut 2 different sized leafs because I knew I wanted variety.

I just hand drew them and cut them out.

See my awesome cutting skills…NOT!

Holy jagged edges batman, like I didn’t even follow the lines!

STEP THREE: Get your scrapbook paper and start tracing your leaf and cutting out your shape.

Now I just cut a bunch of different papers out because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to use.

But I ended up only using 2 of the papers that I had because everything else just seemed too loud or too pink or just not right.

So if I was to do it again I would only use 2 papers that had a light pattern and complimented each other in the colour.

Make sense?


STEP FOUR: Lay out your pattern

You can see here are the 2 papers I ended up using.

They had the same pattern on each just one green and one yellow.

Figuring out how I wanted the pattern to look on the canvas actually took me the longest out of all the steps.

Maybe its because I’m anal.

I wanted the pattern on each canvas to be similar so what I did was lay them out exactly the same on each canvas going the same way with just a few minor changes in placement.

STEP FIVE: Glue your scrapbook pieces onto your canvas.

I used liquid stitch because I figured canvas is a fabric and because its the only glue I had in the house – but I’m sure you could use regular white glue.

I have no pictures of me doing this because honestly my fingers where COVERED in glue during this part.

One tip just make sure you get the glue all the way to the edges and tips of each shape other wise you will have weird bits sticking up.

I used a popsicle stick and dipped it into the glue and spread it around like that.

STEP SIX:  Let it dry and hang it up!

When I hung these up I knew I wanted to have the designs going 2 different ways and it actually worked out perfect.

Here they are hung in my living room in their new home.

When I was figuring out what shape to do I wanted something that complimented the wall art I already had so that influenced my shape that I chose.

But I’m sure you could do any shape!

Get creative!

Let me know in the comments below if you make your own diy scrapbook paper canvas art I would love to see it!

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