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WELCOME So glad you made it here to LIFE BY ALICIA

So you have clicked my about page…that means your curious about who I am and what this site is all about…

random bits ABOUT ME

I’m short…not like freakishly short but in terms of average-ness I am short…5’2 to be exact.

I love to read….from self-help to erotica….I read it all (don’t judge…erotica rules!)

I have been a vegetarian since 2007.

I swear like a sailor, or a truck driver…whichever swears more.

I dig wellness, spirituality, health & fitness

I am addicted to sneakers & heels…oh and purses.

I am a makeup junkie!

I ❤︎ graphic design, planning, clean eating and the MOON!

life by alicia THE FAMILY

 I have a 17 year old son he is my heart and soul and is the reason I strive to be a better person and mother.

I have 14 year old twin stepsons they melt my heart and teach me patience, understanding, tolerance and much more.

I have an amazing husband I refer to as “Mr. Wonderful”

We got married in 2011 and started dating in 2005.

He is the most understanding & patient man I know.

Always there to back me up and hold it down – my rock.

life by alicia THE WEBSITE

THE BLOG a place for me to share some insights, products and places I am digging on, planners I am making, wellness, spirituality, health and fitness ideas and information, DIY projects, healthy recipes and more .

→ PLANNERS I design all sorts of digital printable planners that can help you get organized, streamline your life, get you setting goals and more.

MINDSET COACHING  Obsessed with helping women reduce their stress and anxiety through lifestyle changes, including mindsets.  This allows you to bring joy into your life and support your own mental health.

→ NEW MOON GROUP I host a monthly group for women to get in touch with the monthly cycle of the moon and create intentions.


 At the end of the day I pretend to be uber cool when really I’m a huge dork, who is mostly ridiculous and 90% of the time I make a complete fool of myself
…but at least I keep myself {and my family & friends} entertained. 
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